Saying ‘Thank You’ With bakerdays

Last week I received a fabulous bakerdays letterbox ‘Thank You Cake’ to treat my parents. My mum in particular has gone through a bit of a rough time recently and myself and the little man have been going backwards and forwards quite regularly from Kent down to Brighton where they live.

So I wanted to cheer her up with a ‘thank you for having us cake’ and what a better time to celebrate than having a tea party for the Royal Wedding!

With the wooden tea set from my shop, we had pretend cups, teapot and plates but real cake! Made with beautiful Victoria sponge we chomped on our yummy treats while watching Prince Harry and Meaghan tie the knot.

We were super proud to be British that day and it was lovely to watch a live fairy tale unfold with our delicious cake!


To order your own personalised letter box cake go to and everyone who orders from my website will receive an exclusive bakerdays discount too along with a free goody bag! Yay!

Until next time!

Charlotte x

Disclaimer: I was gifted this cake in return for my honest opinion and review

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