Tiddler & Other Terrific Tales – Theatre Review

How the weird can be wonderful for our children…

To celebrate ‘World Book Day’, Little Man and I ventured to the theatre to watch ‘Tiddler & Other Terrific Tales’, the stage adaptation of the children’s books by award winning writer, Julia Donaldson, author of ‘The Gruffalo‘.

Once again, I was so nervous about taking my boy. He is in full ‘terrible twos’ mode now and the thought of him having a tantrum in the middle of a performance really makes me anxious.

Yet, the show started and instantly he sat in his own seat, bolt upright, completely engaged in what was happening. And in all honesty, I’m pleased he was engaged because I had no idea what was going on at first! I did hear a young girl in the audience who was about 10 years old say ‘ Mum what is this?!’ Which did make me laugh as she had clearly said what was on the minds of most parents there!

That said, the 3 very talented performers, did an incredible job of reenacting well known bedtime stories including ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’, ‘A Squish and A Squeeze’ and of course ‘Tiddler’, the tale of a Fish who is always late for school.

There was singing, dancing, puppetry and a very good saxophone solo; all of which combined to heighten the imaginations of so many little minds and it wouldn’t matter if they weren’t familiar with the books.

My little boy sung along, danced, cheered and clapped throughout and it made me so happy and proud that he was enjoying the production that was in essence a little bit quirky. By the end, all of the children seemed fixated and although it was slightly weird for us adults, it was lovely to see something a bit different that was both entertaining and educational for children.

With a running time of just an hour, it’s a great excuse to get your little ones out of the house or watch as an after school treat.

To find your nearest theatre and book tickets to this weird yet wonderful show. Book here:- www.tiddlerlive.com

Disclaimer:- I was gifted these tickets in return for my honest opinion and review

One thought on “Tiddler & Other Terrific Tales – Theatre Review”

  1. BipBopMum, thank you for our family tickets to see “Tiddler & Other Tales” at The Orchard theatre at the weekend – we were all so pleased to win your competition! Here’s my little review for you:

    “Tiddler & Other Tales” was a celebration of storytelling and the imagination, with a playful use of puppets, props, music and lighting! All the little ones seated near us laughed and smiled, clapped along to the songs and bounced around excitedly throughout.

    My daughter (9) declared the “A Squash and a Squeeze” section her favourite, and really liked the little house, and she had huge praise for the way the cast made the elephant for the “Monkey Puzzle” story. My son (5) liked the “Monkey Puzzle” storyline best, which is one of his favourite Julia Donaldson and Axel Sheffler stories. He said that he was worried when Tiddler got last in the dark and nearly met a shark, but he wasn’t actually scared, and he was fascinated by the shadow puppetry and the jellyfish lights in the hats during the “Tiddler” story.

    You don’t need to be familiar the books to enjoy the show, but if you know the stories quite well as we did, then you’d probably enjoy it even more. The only thing that would have improved our experience would have been if we were in a smaller, more intimate theatre, or just sat nearer the front, so we could get a closer look at all the beautiful puppets.

    The day after the show, I overheard my children chatting away about some of the stories they’d seen while playing – joking, singing and putting on funny voices as they recalled the “A Squash and A Squeeze” story. The show clearly captured their imaginations and helped bring the stories to life for them!

    Tracy Carter, (Reading Fairy Bexley)


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