‘Peppa Pig’s Adventure’ Review

So, little man and I were extremely grateful to be one of the first to see ‘Peppa Pig’s Adventure’ live theatre show at the Dartford Orchard Theatre this weekend.

If you have been following, you will know that my son is a big Peppa Pig fan. He is transfixed to the television when he watches the programme, he has Peppa Pig bedding and plenty of Peppa Pig toys. He absolutely adores this Pig and her friends!

I was a little apprehensive about taking him to a show though. This would be his very first show in a theatre and I was really worried he wasn’t going to keep still!

Armed with snacks, I arrived at the theatre and found our seats with 5 minutes to spare. I really shouldn’t have panicked though as little man was more than happy to wait patiently in his seat while watching the other children play with luminous Peppa Pig memorabilia that you could purchase in the foyer…

Then the show began with that famous theme tune and everyone cheered. My little boy’s face just lit up! I’ve never seen such a big smile!

The narrator was the same voice from the television programme and with each character he introduced, the audience squealed with excitement. Pedro Pony, Suzy Sheep, Daisy, Gerald The Giraffe, George and of course Peppa who received the biggest cheer!

The actors were brilliant as they sang and stood behind impressive puppets that glided around the stage. Think a preschool version of ‘Avenue Q’ with larger life size puppets.

peppa pig show

The brightly coloured scenery was extremely well done too which resembled the programme. There was a very realistic burning campfire and a fantastic glow in the dark scene – i won’t give this bit away as you will have to watch it for the full effect!

To make sure the children followed the story and paid attention, something new happened on stage every 9-12 seconds.

This included lots of interaction with the audience, clapping, dancing, nursery rhymes as well as a sing-a-long of the popular ‘Bing Bong Song’! My little boy happily sang along, pointed and laughed at the characters as they headed on their camping adventure!

There was plenty of jumping up and down in muddy puddles too! Just watch out though – you may get wet!

My boy didn’t move for the whole show, so I had absolutely nothing to worry about. In fact, I didn’t see one child in the audience get upset or frustrated. It was the perfect preschool entertainment.

And of course, my son loved it so much, he cried when it ended!

This was a very well made, fun and colourful show that will 100% keep your child entertained from the moment it starts until the final curtain.

Peppa Pig Live is now touring the U.K. Find your local theatre and book your tickets here…. http://www.peppapiglive.com/tour.php

Running Time approx 1 hour 20 including interval.

Until next time!

Charlotte x

Disclaimer – I received the tickets as a gift in exchange for my honest opinion and review

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