The Book That Every Small Business Owner Needs to Read…

‘Big Ideas for Small Businesses’ by John Lamerton

I’ll be completely honest, when I first saw this book was advice for small business owners, but not written by a fellow Mum, I was dubious. As a mother of a now 21 month old toddler, how could this man have any idea what it was like to juggle new motherhood with a small business if he wasn’t a mother himself?

Would I be able to relate to this book at all?

Good job I didn’t judge a book by its cover then!

We recently went on holiday to Cyprus and this book was my holiday read. My brain never switches off from my small business – Bippity Boppity Shopity ( and now I’m at the point where I’ve survived my first year of business, but always looking for ideas to keep going and keep growing as I dive head first into my second year, all whilst looking after my son. So it’s fair to say I’d definitely welcome some ‘Big Ideas’!

As I began to read and read…..(and read!) I realised I couldn’t actually put this book down and I read it faster than ‘The UnMumsy Mum’!

John writes as if he is talking to you. His words just flow off the page and what I expected to be trivial ‘Big Ideas’, are actually quite simple and easily explained.

I didn’t need John to write about juggling nap times with planning marketing campaigns or combining play dates with networking. John runs a lifestyle business whereby he still manages to put his family first and he works from home. That was enough to win my mind over.

As I write this blog, I look at my newly created vision board set as my screensaver of all the things I would like to achieve that define the true meaning of ‘success’ for me. It keeps me writing, it keeps me focussed and it keeps me driven. This was just one of the incredibly useful techniques suggested in the book.

Another of the suggestions in this book was to surround yourself with the right people and within just 2 days of finishing this book and making the decision to distance myself from negative people – I won my first business award!

John breaks simple business ideas down to make methodical sense and I can’t wait to put each and every one of them into practice.

The book covers everything from mindset, health and wellbeing to finance, business strategy and marketing advice. It’s a great all rounder for any small business owner and even if you haven’t had that lightbulb business idea yet – this book is a great place to start.

I’ve scribbled down notes, highlighted paragraphs and will continue to refer and re-read the book in the foreseeable future to remind myself of how I can always improve myself and my business. This isn’t a book you read once, throw away and forget all about it – this one stays on your bedside table!

The link to order it is here:-

In addition, John offers further advice via his Facebook group

I would highly recommend the book to anyone starting out in the business world but also to already established small businesses that want to keep growing.

Thank you so much John for your worldly advice!

Charlotte x

Disclaimer:- I received this book as a gift in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

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