The Return of The Pasta Kidz – Children’s Book Review – The Sorry Sticks

Last week, Bryony kindly sent me the sequel to Book 1 in the Pasta Kidz series.

For those who haven’t read my review of her first book, please see it here – Children’s Book Review – Pasta Kidz – The Inventing Tubes By Bryony Supper

This second book is as wonderfully confusing and fun as the first. Again, my little boy laughed as I read to him and pointed to all the colourful illustrations.

A clear message ran all the way through that teaches children how to say sorry which was perfect for my son as he is just learning to understand this.

The book is a good continuation of the first and introduces new characters which helps children follow the story and choose their favourite. However, it is a different story line, so it won’t matter if you haven’t read Book 1.

Another great little book and only £4.99 paperback!

Click here to order yours via Amazon (or Amazon Prime)

Or via the website

Disclaimer:- I was gifted this book to review by PastaKidz but the opinions are my own.

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