Children’s Book Review – Pasta Kidz – The Inventing Tubes By Bryony Supper

If your children loved ‘In The Night Garden’ – They will love Pasta Kidz!

A brand new children’s book written by the aptly named Bryony Supper tells the tale of the mischievous Pasta Kidz and their adventures.

‘The Inventing Tubes’ the first in a series of books; tells the story of Marc Macaroni and Sarah Spaghetti and their quest to invent the magic ‘Pasta Ball’.

I’ll be honest, when I originally read this book to my son I was so confused! The characters have their own language just like Macca Pakka in the popular ‘In The Night Garden’. Yet the tongue twister-like wording made whole the reading experience great fun and my little boy laughed the whole way through!

Characters also include Pasta Petz and Pasta Beasties each with a pasta themed name allowing your child to choose their favourite to help them follow the story. I can’t wait to read the second book!

It’s fun, creative and although it is does not completely adhere to the full English language the whole way through (the hilarious ‘Pasta Vocabulary’ glossary is at the back of the book; any book that helps to encourage children to use their imagination through reading is completely fine with me.

The book is aimed at children aged between 4 and 7 years. I read this to my almost 2 year old who is obsessed with books and my friend’s 4 year old and they loved it. It really is a great little book!

The paperback is full of wonderful illustrations by Julian Bray. It costs just £4.99 so great value for money and supports a new writer too!

Click here to order yours via Amazon (or Amazon Prime)

or via the website

teddy & pasta kidz

Disclaimer:- I was gifted this book to review by PastaKidz but the opinions are my own.


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