10 Things You Didn’t Know About Crystal Palace Park

Crystal Palace Park. Who remembers coming here as a child? We took a trip down memory lane and returned at the weekend with our now 20 month old.
Here are 10 useful things you may not know about this wonderful green recreation ground in South London:

1) Free Parking! Often you associate parking in London to be a nightmare but there are little car parks and parking spaces dotted around the residential areas where you can park free of charge.
2) There are new dinosaurs! We all remember the Crystal Palace Park Dinosaurs and we found that along with the originals, new prehistoric creatures have now popped up!
3) You can buy duck food from the information booth for £1! All the signs tell you not to feed the ducks but for just a quid you can buy actual duck food that keep those little yellow beaked friends healthy.
4) In the information booth you will also find plenty of details on upcoming events that take place in the park including markets and festivals. There is a little table and chairs inside with colouring to occupy the children while you browse the leaflets too.
5) The squirrels are really friendly! They have little houses in the trees and if you are lucky enough to sit under one while having a picnic, they will come and say hello to you.
cp squirrel
6) There’s a farm! Some of you may remember this but we didn’t. It’s a bit hidden of a hidden treasure, but once you find it. you will meet sheep, goats, rabbits and chickens. What’s even better is that it is completely free!
7) Crystal Palace train station is just behind the park which is handy if you are travelling by public transport. Although once in the park, there are little raised parts of the park where your toddler can stand to watch the trains go by and wave to the passengers. Very cute!
8) The tunnel of trees will keep you dry! Just as we were finishing our walk, the Heavens opened and the trees saved us from getting soaked! There’s plenty of benches to sit on too to watch the rain fall.
9) The park has recently received a lot of investment and so this summer will bring lots more improvements including a new cafe and skate park. Exciting times!
10) To walk a loop around the park is a total of 1.8 miles which burns approximately 200 calories!  Ok, this is an estimate according to a conversion website but hey, if it’s true, it’s a winner!
What do you remember from visiting Crystal Palace Park and can you add to this list?
Learn more about visiting Crystal Palace Park here:- http://www.bromley.gov.uk/directory_record/1212687/crystal_palace_park
Until next time,
Charlotte x

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