First Blog Post!

Hi, I’m Charlotte! Owner, founder, creator of Bippity Boppity Shopity (BipBopShop for short!)-  An online and pop up baby & children’s gift shop. I’m also mum of one and trying to juggle setting up a brand new startup business with running a brand new family. So, welcome to my blog and thank you for reading my first post! I hope you enjoy!

I’ll start by explaining a little about me as you join me on my new journey.

I started in July 2016 when my little boy, Alfie was just 7 months old. Truthfully, I have always wanted my own business but never had an idea but after Alfie was Christened that summer, Bippity Boppity Shopity was finally my lightbulb moment.

Warning! *plug of business* so please go and check out my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages @bbshopity to have a nosey and a like/follow!

Back to the blog!…Since launching – my world seems to have become a rollercoaster of me trying to sustain a new business venture as well as being the best mum and wife I can be and I won’t lie – it’s been tough!

A classic example – today my little boy decided to poo for the first time in the bath! Yes, I’m saying this in my first post because it’s real life and it happens. Soon after clearing it up and putting him to bed, I was on the phone to a web designer discussing layouts and wording. Poo to web design within about half an hour. Don’t think you would find that in the usual workplace! Unless you were re designing the 💩 emoji which we all love!

I’ve been fortunate in the last 6 months of having this business, that I have been a finalist for Homepreneur of the year, traded in my local shopping centre (that was an experience I promise to share soon) and I’ve also been a guest speaker at Successful Mums Business Workshop. Things I would never have seen myself doing this time last year!

So now 2017 has hit, I would really like to document my journey a bit more and share it with you – all the highs, the lows, the scary times and the fun times.

Hop on this new blogger’s train! I don’t know if I’m doing it right but everyone needs to start somewhere and if you’re still with me, thank you very very much for your support!

Until next time!

Charlotte x

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