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Pantomime Time! Cinderella Review

We’re now well into December and Pantomime season has begun! I was very fortunate to have been invited to see our local pantomime, Cinderella at The Orchard Theatre, Dartford.

As soon as I entered the auditorium, I instantly felt Christmassy. The stage was already set up with bright lights and sparkles and there were a lot of very eager children in the audience ready to be entertained!

press area

One of the first performers on stage was Cinderella herself played by Jayne Wisener. For those that have seen her picture on the poster and thought – ‘Where have I seen her from?’… She was in The Inbetweeners. She’s Irish in real life (I once met her in Boots!) but she can pull off an English accent really well!

The songs were current and the script was relevant, putting a modern day twist to a traditional fairy tale.

cinderella show

Well known performers in the show included a wonderfully camp Louie Spence, Michelle Collins from Eastenders but for me, Phil Butler as Buttons was the star of the show. He mimed, danced, sang and even did a really impressive magic trick. He entertained and won the audience over so well and definitely deserved the biggest cheer on the night.

The costumes were also fantastic too. The ugly sisters wore a different extravagant outfit every time they came on stage. Over the top designs included a Cornetto, Caramel Bar, Hat and a Shoe! Very impressive!

ugly sisters

If I was to be critical in any way, my one negative would be that at the end of the first half, ponies came on to the stage pulling Cinderella’s carriage. It looked magical and their appearance only lasted about 3 minutes but it was enough for me to feel slightly uncomfortable as I personally dislike animals being used for entertainment.

Aside from that though, all of the cast were incredible and this was the funniest pantomime I have seen in years! The penultimate song including Dandini, Buttons and The Ugly Sisters had me in stitches. I love how panto has the ability to make everyone laugh with hidden adult humour that the children don’t notice!

I would definitely recommend anyone local to Dartford and the surrounding area to book up and see the show.

We’re so pleased we made it to the ball and make sure you do too!
To book tickets click the link here:- https://orchardtheatre.co.uk/Online/kent-pantomime

Until next time!

Charlotte x

Disclaimer:- I was gifted these tickets in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I have previously blogged about working hard, battling sleep deprivation and juggling family time; but now I’m so proud to say, it’s all been worth it. I’ve won my first business award! Here’s what happened… Continue reading Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

8 Great Ways to Occupy a Toddler on a Plane

Travelling abroad with a toddler anytime soon? Worried about them keeping still for the journey? Read on…

We recently came back from a much needed holiday in Cyprus which unfortunately involved a 4 hour plane journey each way.

When I asked some of my friends for some tips on entertaining a toddler for that length of time, the iPad was definitely at the top of the list. But as my little boy is not even 2 yet, I didn’t want that to be our only option.

So here are 8 handy old fashioned activities we found worked best to make sure our little one was kept amused in a confined space. What’s more, they didn’t cost the earth and could fit easily into our hand luggage too…

1) Books – My son is a big fan of Peppa Pig and I picked up these 5 mini books from Poundland! Such a bargain and he was quite happy to read them over and over again.

Peppa Pig books

2) Drawing Activities – We found just using paper and crayons to draw round our hands, plastic cups and trace the cup holder in the tray table worked a treat! This, combined with some stickers too made the activity last that little bit longer!

3) Mini Etch-a-Sketch – If you have a toddler who likes to draw on everything except paper, I would definitely recommend one of these! I picked up ours in a pound shop too!

4) Walking – This sounds so obvious, but don’t be afraid to have a little wander. I was terrified my son would either have a tantrum in the aisle or try and climb on someone but actually you tend to get lots of ‘Ooos and ‘Aaaahs’ instead. It’s a great way to use up some excess energy too, just don’t do it when the cabin crew are doing their drinks run!

5) Wooden jigsaw – This was a hit on the plane. A simple 3 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle is a great way of killing some time. If you don’t have a small pull-string bag to put the pieces in, try a sock (clean of course!) You can order these puzzles from my shop for just £3 http://www.bipbopshop.com/toys/wooden-jigsaw-hippo

Hippo Jigsaw

6) Wooden Farm Animal Dominoes – Ok, maybe not for lining up along the aisle of the plane, (that could be cool given the chance though!) but aside from the obvious, these made for a good stacking game and encouraged lots of animal noises and actions too! My son also loves to organise and tidy up so he loved to sort the dominoes into which ones belong in the box, which ones go in a plastic cup and which ones are given to mummy! It proved to be a good, long and drawn out game in the end!

http://www.bipbopshop.com/toys/wooden-farm-animal-dominoes for just £4.99!
Farm Animal Dominoes

7) Cuddly Toys – An absolute given if your child sleeps with one but even if it’s a daytime flight, I would definitely recommend offering your child one as a form of comfort, especially if it is their first time of a plane. I packed quite a few favourites just in case we lost one and all the teddies were relatively small. We ended up with 3 out on our laps at one point which we used for puppet shows and doubled up as pillows!8) Plenty of Snacks – For some reason, I had this fear that our fresh food would be confiscated at security (don’t ask me why?!) so we ended up with double what I had planned to take which actually lasted throughout the journey. I included sandwiches, cucumber slices, bananas, apples, raisins, fruit bars, crackers and bread sticks. I would definitely recommend packing more than you need as aeroplane snacks are quite expensive. We also bought a pint of milk and a bottle of water from Boots in duty free so that we would have enough for the flight too.

I won’t lie, it wasn’t a completely stress free flight travelling with a toddler but these definitely helped us get through the journey that a little bit better.

Until next time

Charlotte x